What are ya doing Chad?

Hey Crew,

So here’s a “wee” summary of my travels from the past couple of months.

After returning to Edinburgh from spending two weeks in my favourite country so far I figured it was time to try to find somewhere to settle down for a little bit during winter and find some work.

My first two weeks consisted of:

Exploring the sights around Edinburgh (super rad) & Glasgow (not as rad).
Highlights included: Not being blown off the mountain that is Arthurs seat, St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life & Art and an awesome social enterprise targeted at reducing homelessness in Edinburgh called The Social Bite.

Following that I headed out to Dundee to visit my Invisible Children alumni buddy Mr. Callum Fraser.
This champion showed me around his hometown and the picturesque coastal town of St. Andrews; home and origin of golf.
We dog/house sat at his parents house somewhere in the Scottish countryside for a week and we both shared some of our home dishes: Chicken Parmigiana (Australia) & Haggis Nachos (Scotland/Mexico).

Here is a picture of Callum stoked on my creation:

After my Scottish adventures I decided to give Northern Ireland a shot to live and work; despite knowing that there isn’t much of a booming job market over there. I  boarded the most deluxe ferry I’ve ever been on (with a coffee shop/cinema/super comfy lounge seats) and arrived at Lagan Backpackers in Belfast. I mentioned to them on checking in that I was looking for work and was immediately offered a volunteers position in exchange for accommodation and an extremely modest stipend for food. I started working the following day.

That was November 15th, 2013 … It’s now January 28th, 2014 … that’s 2.5 months! I still haven’t found another job, but at least I have a bed and can avoid the freezing cold and wet, rainy UK weather. I actually work with a pretty rad crew; we cook some pretty rad, cheap and healthy dinners too!

Current Missions:
– Try to find some part-time work in a coffee shop or bar.
– Go on a snowboarding trip somewhere.
– Work out my next European adventure: I’m thinking Eastern Europe in Summer.
– Eventually get a “real” job in youth/refugee/advocacy again somewhere in the UK.

That’s all for now; stay tuned for more updates and pictures and stuff.

Much Love,

P.S. I’ve made up a facebook page ‘Like’ it if you want to keep up with new blog posts. 🙂

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