So what’s next?

Hey Crew,

So I’ve been out of action on here for a LOOOONG time! I’m really sorry.

I wrapped up my trip last year by heading up to Sweden, flying from Denmark to Thailand and exploring a little bit of Laos.

I flew back to Adelaide at the end of November and have been working at my old hifi job and also as a youth & parent worker.

Now … for the big news:

Ive just taken advantage of my final chance of claiming one last youth mobility visa.


My flights been confirmed and I’m moving to Canada in less than a month for 2 years! I’m super nervous and have nothing really lined up except for a week at a mates place in Montreal and the world cup of hockey in Toronto in September. I’m hoping to settle somewhere, get some refugee work and watch a bunch of hockey.

I’ll try to keep you posted a bit more regularly and put some more video footage from my travels too.

Fingers crossed!

Much Love,

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