Some blogs and websites compiled by some friends of mine I really think you should check out.

// Travel Related //

Nerd Travels –
Brendon is one of my fellow “volunteers” (aka toilet scrubber/bed changer) at the backpackers I volunteer at in Belfast.
This dude inspired me to get my travel blog cranking once again.

Travel Hack –
I met the champion that is Kikuma while being overwhelmed by all the sights, sounds and argumentative people in Marrakech, Morocco. If you want to practice your Japanese and decipher kanji characters; give it a go on this travel blog!

The Menace of the Years –
Becky was a roadie with me when touring the USA with Invisible Children.
A total champion/robot who actually does not sleep, prefers to sleep on the floor and has an insane addition to cups of joe.

Nomad’er How Far
Taran and Hannah are two Poms about to embark on a backpacking journey to Australia … I haven’t warned them about dropbears just yet.

// Other Cool Stuff //

Invisible Children 
A really great non-profit that I interned for in Uganda and USA in 2009 dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abductees and communities affected by warlord Joseph Kony of  rebel militant group the Lord’s Resistance Army.

The Hope Collective –
Andrea was incredibly blessed to have me as her fellow team mate when we travelled around the USA as representatives for Invisible Children.