The Liebster Award

Babylon Bar in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Thanks Annie for the recommendation! :)

Babylon Bar in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Thanks Annie for the recommendation! 🙂

When I first set up Mega Rad Nomad I had great aspirations for it. I was hoping to get sponsored by hostels, travel companies, lonely planet etc; get free stuff and accommodation, have a whole bunch of regular readers and maybe eventually earn some money from my posts.

None of that has happened; It’s actually pretty hard to get motivated to write posts while travelling and also not being aware if anyone is actually reading what I write or watching the videos I spend ages putting together.

Last week I was going through my comments to approve which 98% of the time are spam; and was quite surprised not only to have a legitimate comment but also a nomination for a blogging award.



The super awesome Amanda from GO & One Wandering Soul who is currently up to some pretty legit work in Cambodia nominated me for a Liebster award. What is a Liebster award exactly? I had no idea either …

Essentially it is a way for other up and coming bloggers to encourage one another and say “hey, you’re writing a blog, I like it so I’m going to give you a virtual high five, ask some questions and get you to pay it forward”. The five things that need to be done once nominated include.

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
  2. Answer the questions your nominator sent you
  3. Choose five to ten new bloggers and send them a nomination
  4. Write up seven questions you’d like the bloggers to answer
  5. Let them know you’ve nominated them

Yeah, so not really a big time blogging award but still something that can give you the warm fuzzies and know that more people than just your mum are reading your blog.

Here we go!

1. Thanks Amanda!


Here are the questions Amanda fired at me and my responses.

1.What is your life’s tagline?
Explore, Love Others, Serve and Leave a place/community better than how I found it.

2.If you could have been a part of any exploratory expedition (e.g. I really wish I could have been one of Thor Heyerdahl’s homies aboard the Kon Tiki), which one would you choose?
I’d pick the Dutch expedition to Australia. Convince them that Australia is actually a good place to settle and of course treat the original owners of the land with a bit of respect. That way it’d make it heaps easier for me to get a european passport!

3. Dead or alive, who would you love to take a trip with and where?
Michael Franti – He is a really amazing musician and also socially and ethically conscious. He made a documentary called I know I’m not alone which sees him interviewing the victims of war in Iraq. An absolutely stunning documentary that I’d love to follow him around with for a part 2 in somewhere like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Russia.

I’d also love to travel with my mates Roth and Mo back to their hometowns in Cambodia and Iraq.

4. If your life was a TV show, what would its TV Guide description be?
4:00am Where in the world is Chad – “Watch some unorganised dreadlocked Aussie kid sleep in until midday everyday, realise that he’s in a city he should probably explore, late in the afternoon actually start exploring and then watch him on his laptop working out what on earth he’s doing next.”

5. What is your favorite type of cheese?
It’s a toss up between Camembert and Double Brie. That with some crackers, some dip and a nice glass of red wine and I’m super happy. I’m classy hey!

6. If you could give your 16-year-old self one piece of advice, what would it be?
– Life is great! Push through the bullies and times of feeling lonely. Once you finish school you’re going to have an epic journey.
– Listen to your drum teacher & practice. Yes he is a jazz drummer and all you want to do is play punk drums now but you’ll be grateful to have learned all the crazy rudiments.

7. You’re stranded on a desert island and can only have one book. Which book do you choose?
I could cheat and say my Kindle; but I won’t. I’d say Blue Like Jazz; non-religious thoughts on Christian spirituality by Donald Miller. It seriously is one of my favourite books. Donald speaks openly and honestly about his time at university and struggles with life & faith. I love the fact that it’s raw and with all the candy coating removed.  Totally recommend it if you haven’t read it.


3. Choose five to ten new bloggers and send them a nomination.

The Menace of the Years – Becky was an intern/roadie with me when working at Invisible Children back in 2009. I’m continually inspired by her ventures. Becky is currently working for an NGO called ‘Touching Tiny Lives” in Lesotho. Her blog documents everything from her work, to life in Lesotho and other things that tickle her fancy. Becky blogs HEAPS more than me!

Nerd Travels – Brendon is a self confessed ‘nerdy travel blogger’. He worked with me in a hostel in Belfast for a few months and definitely inspired me to get my blog cranking. He has about a million followers so doesn’t need the publicity but his blog is a great read if you’re aspiring to do some travel.

The Hope Collective – Andrea was incredibly blessed to have me as her team-mate while we were on tour with Invisible Children. Andrea’s been writing this great blog with posts about all sorts of different great projects happening around the world and the people facilitating them.

Joe’s Blog – Joe was also a volunteer at the hostel I worked at in Belfast. Definitely one of the happiest most positive guys you will meet. He takes some really great photos/video footage and if you can understand chinese, you’ll probably enjoy his blog even more! Google translate doesn’t help that much.

The Aussie Nomad – Pretty much the go-to blog for every Australian traveller. Chris has a billion followers and I personally don’t know him but figured I’d still include him in this nomination as his guides on getting a visa for the UK helped me heaps! This is probably my favourite travel blog.

Oregon to Patagonia – Jedidiah is one inspiring dude! He is getting close to completing his year long journey of riding from Oregon to Patagonia on his bike. I love reading his posts/looking at his instagrams/admiring his drawings and makes me feel bad that I haven’t been journalling at all during my travels. Mate, you HAVE to follow this blog!

Adventures of the Unadventurous – Carmen, Accountant turned adventurer shares her stories on the road, travel tips and favourite places to visit.

For my long walk is not ended – I met Ellyn while in Mostar, Bosnia to watch the annual Bridge Jumping competition. What a champion! I’ve only just discovered her blog but looks like it’s a good read and look into the mind of a sociology student while travelling.

The Voiced – Dev is a great mate from LA who has a massive heart for others. A graphic designer for some huge organisations around the world, volunteers all over the world and is working on developing some great projects in Haiti and Uganda.

4.  Seven questions for my nominees

1. What are three items you must pack when travelling?
2. Top 3 destinations you would like to travel to and why?
3. What is an awkward/funny travel experience you have had?
4. What books/music are you currently reading/listening to?
5. Do you journal? If so how do you structure/include in it? and how regularly do you do entries?
6. Who inspires you the most and why?
7. What is your favourite type of doughnut?

Looking forward to hearing your responses guys!

Glad this post is finally over! Now it’s time to explore Kotor, Montenegro!

Much Love,

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