“Good Customer Service” in Iasi, Romania

I think it’s fair to say “good customer service”  feels pretty much non-existent in most of Eastern Europe. The amount of times I’ve had cashiers texting/making calls on their phones while scanning items, being abused by taxi drivers, waiters/waitresses rolling their eyes or even completely ignoring me when they see me enter their restaurant – feels pretty common place.


However, occasionally I am pleasantly surprised. Tonight I dropped into this place called Restaurant Interparc in Iasi, Romania where owners Sorin and Maria treated me like a king. Although they were about to close, they insisted that I sit down for some food. Maria raced off to another shop to get me a dark beer as they were currently out of them. Not only did I get my plate of sarmale; but also polenta, stuffed peppers, 2 shots of rakia and even gave the facebook details of their 19yr old daughter … who I’m sure would be impressed her parents are providing to random customers.

Well done Iasi – I am impressed!

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