Festival of Colours – Thessaloniki

Isn’t it great when you travel without much of a plan and somehow the timing is completely perfect!

This has happened to me a couple of times on my travels so far; having arrived in a city just as an epic event is able to commence. Highlights from such times have included: Exit Festival in Serbia, the launch of Signatures extreme biking film in Czech Republic and the annual Stari Most bridge jumping competition in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

One event I was completely stoked to attend was the Sfina Festival of Colours in Thessaloniki, Greece on 14th September .

The idea for the event is loosely based on the Hindu Holi spring festival; when I say ‘loosely’ I mean basically just stole the idea of throwing coloured powder at each other. Despite not knowing anyone and my inability to speak or read a word of Greek, another couchsurfer, Anka and I somehow managed to make our way down to the festival of colours event. It was a pretty fun day with thousands of Greek students, drumming, bands, dj’s, questionable and overpriced food being served from cardboard boxes and yes of course heaps of coloured powder being thrown in the air. Have a look at the video above for a recap of the day (I didn’t make this one).

Maria(left), Anka(middle) and myself eating cheap tapas!

Maria(left), Anka(middle) and myself eating cheap tapas!

A massive thanks goes out to my amazing couchsurfing host Maria who graciously hosted myself in addition to her current couchsurfer. Seriously, despite not being able to attend the event herself or head out and explore due to study commitments Maria still went out of her way to host me and do a bunch of research around public transport etc. This is why I love  the couchsurfing community so much; you really get the chance to meet amazing people all over the world.

Yia Sas,

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