Couchsurfing with Mo & Chad

So I’ve just arrived in Berlin and met up with this guy!

This is Mo; one of my mates from back home. We’ll be spending the next two weeks travelling around Berlin, Krakow and Prague. We’re doing it a little differently in that we will be using couchsurfing as our accommodation.

For those of you who aren’t aware of what couchsurfing is; I’ll give you a little summary.

Essentially, there is a website called that plays host to a HUGE community of travellers who despite many differences share the same mentality; travel should be on a budget and allow interactions with locals. Each person sets up a profile where they can share a little information about themselves and also provide a blurb about the space they have on offer at their house; whether it be a couch, a private room, the floor, or even a tent. The great thing about it is that there is no charge (aside from the registration fee on the website) as the mentality is that you will pay-it-forward at some point if there’s ever a traveller in your local area.

I’ve hosted some really great people in Adelaide and built some awesome friendships so I’m really looking forward to this adventure with Mo.

Stay tuned as I’ll try to put up some photos and videos from my travels. Follow me on instagram and twitter for more pictures and stuff. 🙂

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