Christmas & New Year’s Eve in Germany & Austria

Hey Guys,

So I’ve just finished editing another video … this one is from Christmas/New Year’s Eve 2014/2015. Before you watch it I’ll give you a bit of a backstory.

The bald Cambodian/Aussie dude is Roth, one of my best mates from my home city of Adelaide who also has a big love of travelling the world.

We’ve got a bit of a history of travelling together … well mostly failure at successful travelling together!

Roth came to visit me in Thailand at the start of my trip in May 2013. He made me eat the weirdest stuff!

Roth came to visit me in Thailand at the start of my trip in May 2013. He made me eat the weirdest stuff!

Way back in 2006 Roth was with me on my first trip overseas, where the travel bug hit me both figuratively and literally. Being a newbie traveller I had been warned by the travel agent and our trip coordinator that we shouldn’t eat any street food; so the entire trip I didn’t but watched Roth eat all sorts of weird and wonderful looking and smelling foods. On one of the last days of our trip after continual mockery by Roth for not eating the food, I finally caved and tried one … just one of the tasty pieces of meat from the skewer he was eating. I ended up getting a crazy stomach bug that lasted for months!

Later that year we decided we’d both head to Queenstown, New Zealand to go snowboarding. On the day I was about to book the tickets I got a call from Roth saying that he couldn’t go anymore as he had just started up his new business and needed to stay back to get things running. I still went, but it turned out the lifts were closed for most of my time there due to strong winds. So the majority of my time was spend in my hotel room eating chips, drinking beer and watching Harry Potter and episodes of Bro Town.

At the start of my current trip in June 2013, Roth flew over to meet me in Bangkok, Thailand. We had grand plans to visit his family and experience life like a local in Cambodia. After getting a bus to cross the border Roth was informed he was not allowed to enter Cambodia due to only having 5 months before his passport expired (6months is the minimum). I proceeded to travel around Siam Reap and explore the temples of Angkor Wat while Roth returned to Bangkok to eat donuts, go shopping and see the latest movies everyday (instead of doing you know “cultural” stuff!)

Yep, We're eating Scorpions!

Yep, We’re eating Scorpions!

This brings us to the end of 2014 where things finally worked out and I got to hang out with Roth, his wife Amy and their lad RJ. We spent Christmas and boxing day in Munich, Germany; a few days in Salzburg, Austria and then finally ending the trip celebrating New Year’s Eve in Vienna, Austria.

Here’s a video of that trip. Hope you enjoy.

Stay Rad,

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